Jean Marteau
Strategic Advisory / Solution Architecture


- September 2018

What is Silkroad4.0?

A European Connectivity Platform, connecting the World since 2016.


Representation / Strategic Design / Strategic Advisory / Solution Acrhitecture — Vienna, Austria 2018

Context & objectives

Silkroad4.0 is a project organising a road trip from Austria to China to promote European Standards, the IOT and Industry 4.0.

To focus on his mission Dr P. Reinisch, who’s at SilRoad4.0’s origin, was eager to cooperate and outsource the communication of his project.


Building strategic partnerships and alliance

To create a strong brand such as silkroad4.0 led by a passionate with limited resources, I directed a lot of attention towards reducing and cutting costs by establishing various strategic partnerships with a win-win-win model. I based my approach on actionable consumer insights, the delivery of a platform dedicated to providing managed content as a service, the conception of branded design material and a robust business model to respond to its various short and long terms needs. This approach allowed to set up various teams and specialized units without a huge investment.

Product strategies

To relate to its core consumers, the media unit and digital marketing team organised several interviews with the project leader to understand his own background. The team then dove into social media to learn about his community’s top brand and media affinities, as well as to understand how consumers are talking about the service offering.

The research and development team helped to drive more effective marketing and product strategies with a compiling database of the industry’s specific consumer characteristics, which helped understand and uncover trends in personas, products and usage over time.

To ground the consumer-centric strategy with demographic data, we collected consumer characteristics to define usage and path to purchase while understanding preferences on needs, service type, with specific attention to the customer journey.

Using Natural Language Processing Algorithms, we were able to understand more about internal and external influences of the consumers’ behaviours. Exploiting behavioural, demographic, geographic and psychographic data , we created visualisations of personal and psychological factors but also of external influences (ie: cultural factors) to dress profiles and explore their personalities and motivation to buy. Those analyses allowed us to realise a better targeting and to refine the offer to better satisfy the needs of the community and potential customers.

To enable riders to focus on their exploration, we put in place a platform offering managed content as a service. The platform and customised channels have allowed participants to be more efficient with their own missions, while outsourcing all the photo, media selection, data treatment, content creation, production, social media management and press coverage.

With the solutions I provided, Dr P. Reinisch was able to :

• Focus on his main objectives while outsourcing everything to dedicated teams and expert

• Use various IOT tools to monitor his trip

• Get all his communication managed and distributed through the press and on social media

• Acquire prestigious brands as sponsors

• Engage more than 160k new followers and fans on Facebook in the first 2 months of the campaign

• Be invited to meet the Chinese Government

• Develop an annual edition with a more robust business model