Jean Marteau
Solution Architecture


- July 15th 2019

What is iAme ?

iAme is a super application produced following the guidelines and recommendations of the Internet of Ideas Council.


Solution Architecture

Drive change on an epic scale

Context & objectives

Most organizations are struggling to get the full value of their data because they can't stray from proven Ai & data science concepts promoted and driven by the market competition.

Companies that think in terms of data and plan the effective scalability of their own AI technology get up to three times the return on their investments compared to others.

To make the leap to the smart business by leveraging and scaling AI. A strong strategy is the key to change. However, most SMEs do not understand the value of data and do not have their own analytics or AI expert internally to establish a consistent data strategy.

iAme has been developed with the vision to provide companies of all sizes the benefit of the use of artificial intelligence in all areas of their organisation.

Using Natural language Processing Algorithms, iAme can extract data in texts, visualize, analyse and treat its content with specialised softwares, generate an output document or provide an answer through a dedicated expert agent or service.


iAme allows us to go away from traditional approaches and proven concepts by providing a basis for every business to create their own custom technologies.

With my partners, I am helping my customers to use intelligent technologies company-wide safely and responsibly by combining AI with in-depth industry expertise to master the complex challenges of their business.

For 20 years I research the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies and I am able to integrate and deploy them flexibly, taking into account the use case and associated target group of my clients;


Virtual assistance


Expert engine


Text to speech


Text & voice control



With the solutions I provided, my clients were able to :

• Gain new information and insights enabling them to make educated choices.

• Maximize existing investments and extend new technology to their entire company.

• Identify, develop and implement Applied Intelligence solutions at the scale of their business.

• incorporate “responsible AI” into their DNA and improve human productivity and creativity.

• increase the quality of life of their employees and economic growth of their company.

• Transform their business even faster and successfully integrate data, automation, analytics and AI solutions into their core business.

Do you think
in terms of data?