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After our crowdfunding success in 2017 on kickstarter and 2018 on our own website we grew made new partnerships, had new ideas and want to continue our efforts in building the global school.

And because of the overwhelming feedback from all of you out there, we decided to organize four crowdfunding campaigns this year to support the requirements of the Global School and raise awareness for in cooperation with social project from now on. This time though, we will use our own crowdfunding website, which will allow all of the money you donate to be used for the Global School Project and the selected project supported. By the way, soon you will be able to use this crowdfunding tool for your stuff too, as we wish everyone one day to have their own little crowdfunding platform :) If like artcanhelp you want to know more, contact us, we can give you a little expertise on crowdfunding.


We gathered ideas and here we go: The Lotus Charity project agaisnt FGM in cooperation with artcanhelp. It is a simple t-shirt we decided to mae accessible to everyone to the lowest price possible in order to reaise awareness while raising the funds we need to allow the globalschool to be running.



By donating - and getting one or more of these t-shirt or another of the reward - you are actively supporting our work to build the Global School.

Its an effort to empower the idea, that all people of this planet (and other planets) should enjoy global opportunities, be inspired by talents and initiatives of others, to grow their own ideas, as individual or group regardless of their place of birth, regardless of their cultural and economic background, regardless of their past. The past is an assett, never a limitation. We are far away from that dream, but this is what we want. Be through our cooperation with a women empowerment organization in Egypt, a social think tank in Russia, a Children Rights Group in Tunisia, a civic initiatives organization in Georgia, or an empowerment platform like Generation Europa. We are committed.

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Last years experience showed some of you simply want to contribute to our cause without receiving anything. This is truly inspiring and generous. Thank you. We therefore created two main support options:


without receiving the t-shirt

€ 0-1.000.000

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Thank you for your donation, you are showing your aspirations to support global opportunities for everyone. You will receive a personal thank you note from the team here at Globalschool.


with receiving the t-shirt

Chose the amount and we tell you the donation recommendation :)

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1-5 Against FGM t-shirt each 15 EUR (excl. shiping costs, please consult us for prices)

6-10 each 13,50 EUR (excl. shiping costs, please consult us for prices)

11-20 each 13,00 EUR (excl. shiping costs, please consult us for prices)

20-30 each 12,50 EUR (excl. shiping costs, please consult us for prices)

30 and more each 12,00 EUR (excl. shiping costs, please consult us for prices)
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