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Mickael Kra

- July 15th 2013

Who is Mickael Kra?

Jewelery Designer.


Portraits / Identity / Strategic Advisory / New Media Training — Paris, France le 12 Novembre 2012

Context & objectives

Fashion & jewelry designers always need to stay at the top of the trends and forecast what the public wants.

To design the best creations and successfully launch, they rely on feedback from various intermediates for each product.

However, feedback in such way were not always reflecting the clients’ interests and the limited information available could not help much to understand what creation to produce to refill the retailer’s stocks.

Non digital native, Mickael was eager to improve his new media skills and not against being exposed.



Working with an artist such as Mickael, it was important to involve him all along the creative process to conceive an online identity reflecting his unique personality. Together, we started to imagine impactful visual arts to attract the attention of his audience.

Social Media Launch

I helped Mickael create his social media pages and taught him how to launch and manage them for 3 months, before to letting him take care of his social media pages independently.

New Media Training sessions

I led various new media training sessions for Mickael to empower him in regard with digital communication.


With the solutions I provided, Mickael was able to :

• Use various digital tools and social media platforms by himself

• Rely on organic visibility and feedback directly from his fans and clients

• Use and update his social media without third party assistance

• Get hundreds of likes and dozens of comments on most of his publications

• Reach thousands of followers on his online Magazine

How are your new media skills?