Jean Marteau
Solution Architecture

Idea Machine

- July 15th 2019
Idea Machine

What is Idea Machine?

Idea Machine is a scalable platform designed to increase bottom-up social innovation by connecting people and resources through all the pipelines and within various types of urban environments.

Idea Machine is the main project emerging from Internet of Ideas. Idea Machine ’s purpose is to be a web platform with physical anchors in the city. A full digital and physical co-space, where people can submit and develop ideas, share thoughts, invite collaborators and increase their interactions with their fellow citizens. We believe that collective expression and synergy can be a driving force in empowering active citizens and in shaping the collective voice, the ‘Geist’ of the city as it is today.

We all have ideas and deeply wish to connect with like-minded people with whom we could share and work on them! However ideas often stay to ourselves, because we don’t know how to start.<

Angeliki and Jean, Founders of the Internet of Ideas


How it works?


An idea is a powerful thought that can turn into an amazing journey. However, there is a huge gap between thinking of an idea and realizing it. Most of us sadly keep a little dustbin for unrealized ideas in our heads or in our notebooks. We believe that all ideas are useful: Ideas make our brain react creatively; ideas can inspire people to create their own (better) ideas and take action; expressed ideas invite dialogue, collaboration and synergy!


Idea Machine Wien aims to become a physical and virtual platform where citizen express their ideas and find people, the resources and the tools needed to bring them to life.

A person has an idea.

He or she submits his/her idea across an online platform or specialized citizen broadcasting kiosks in the City: The City Points.

The idea is structured and developed through the application of tools and processes.

Until it reaches the attention of the crowd which provides feedback and offers resources.

The idea is implemented and success is shared with everyone who contributed.

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