Jean Marteau
Solution Architecture


- July 15th 2019

What is Co-space?

Pop-up stores and co-working spaces in Vienna by Gadcon Gmbh.


Branding / Customers insights / Solution Architecture — Vienna, Austria Novembre 2017

Context & objectives

To provide the best experience to their clients, a famous co-working space of Vienna was ready to rethink its work environment and the way they worked.

The brand needed to improve it engagement rate and to unify its digital ecosystem, which was the root cause of redundancies.


3D Modelization

Modelizing the work space and its surroundings, we provided a tool to map the customer management experience and to identify and localise various sources of frictions. Moreover, the modelization facilitates resources planning, space planning, and their coordination.

Brand health diagnosis

To understand the brand health, I helped Co-space to quantify the brand strategy and deeply understand their main competitors, by providing a view into funnel stage and conversion performance of the top brands on specific locations.

Improved purchase funnel

Setting up a media and marketing units, we explored the competitors to see how they have captured their consumers at each stage of their development.

Social Media Intelligence

To get a better engagement rate, we provided a brand level view of the new media landscape to see how brands are talking and positioning themselves.

Market comparison

To improve the service offering, we have been comparing how brands evolve over time in terms of funnel performance, consumer satisfaction, loyalty, and more.


With the solutions I provided, Co-space was able to :

• Make better and faster decisions

• Rethink their in-wall communication

• Improve their work environment and wellbeing within the community space

• Get better engagement rates

• Be awarded by the AWS in 2017