Jean Marteau
Strategic Design / Media & Content Creation / Production / Big Idea presentation

Lotus Charity Event - Art Can Help

- September 15th 2018 - Vienna Austria

What is Art Can Help?

ART CAN HELP is a collaborative arts project, to raise awareness for diffrent kinds of diseases and to help people, animals or our enviroment.

The project deals with the sensitive issue Female Genital Mutilation and the topic women in center. We firmly believe that education is the solution for fighting against genital mutilation and this can contribute to a social Change. Our plan is to raise awareness for this issue and fight against FGM with a global street art campaign. Lotus invites all artists to create art to raise awareness for FGM.


Strategic Design / Media & Content Creation / Production / Big Idea presentation — Vienna, Austria August-September 2018

Context & objectives

Small organisations often rely on the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit of their initiators.

To raise awareness against female genitals mutilation (FGM), Philippe N. the founder of Lotus Charity imagined Art Can Help. A project inviting urban artists to showcase and expose their work during a memorable event, at the Frauen Im Zentrum in Vienna in 2018.

Everybody replied present to participate to the event, however the finance were limited and the initiator could not handle the presentation on the night of the event.

Having prepared all the communication and awareness campaign, I jumped in with my team to explain the idea and present the people behind the event.



Setting up various design teams and media units I produced dozens of media and posters to raise awareness against FGM.

Diigital and Social Media Launch

I helped the founder of the Lotus Charity to develop his website and to lauch the relevant social media pages and accounts.

Big Idea Presentation

I led the presentaion and acted as an ambassador to represent the FGM cause and the Lotus Charity Event interests.


With the solutions I provided, the Lotus Charity Event was able to :

• Educate thousands of people in the city of Vienna by displaying dozens of posters to raise awareness against FGM

• Hold an amazing exposition and event with a proper coverage and supportive audience

• Present the event and exposition without any trouble

• Count on +40 volunteers to help manage last urgencies

• Get professional quality media, design and photography

• Host more than 500 happy guests and donators

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